My Favorite Weight Loss & Weight Management Resources ~ So Far :)

Calorie Counting – I love the math of it; if you burn more calories than you take in you will lose weight. You can lose weight on junk food or real food as long as the numbers add up. But if you feed yourself with junk food – just like a car engine on bad gas, your body will run, but, eventually your pipes will gunk up… so, choose the most nutritious foods you are able to, to fill your daily needs.
RESOURCES (there are many more) – Calories and weight control explanation:
Calorie Counting – A Guide to Calories & Weight Control.
Can you explain the concept of “burning more calories than you consume” in order to lose weight?.
EXAMPLE ONLINE TOOLS (there are many more)  – Keeping track of your calories in/out and goals:
FREE – Lose it!
PAID – Body Media – **This Online tool and Device has been discontinued to my great sorrow! I loved the interface design and read outs! I haven’t found something comparable since!

Weight Watchers – Very similar to calorie counting except they use a formula to come up with point values for every food based on protein fat carbs and fiber. They use negative points for exercise expenditure. Great online tools and community. Great if you want to go to meetings and need a social outlet and have a place to be accountable to and have yourself ‘on the record’. If you prefer online tools only they have that too.

Body Media – The first time I saw one of the arm bands on Biggest Loser I WANTED one. It was called the Body Bugg and looked like a pack of cigarettes taped to the contestants arms. They are much smaller these day and I learned alot from mine. It shows how many calories you burn throughout the day and shows how much you sleep. You record what you eat on their website and it will give you a balance of calories and let you know if you are heading towards a loss or a gain. While wearing mine I learned that since I am always late for work I burn as much calories sprinting for the train as I do sometime in my ‘formal’ work outs! I also learned that a few extra laps around the neighborhood on lunch break makes a difference to the balance of your calorie day. There are many other gadgets that do similar things its just that this is the only one I have used personally. I think many of them could give great guidelines to put us in the right direction. – **This Online tool and Device has been discontinued to my great sorrow! I loved the interface design and read outs! I haven’t found something comparable since!
FOR MORE INFO – Body Bugg / Body Media
IDEAS ON MORE GADGETS – For the Health Conscious, Fitness Gadgets for the Holidays –

a Bathroom Scale – Some say you should throw away your scale, or weigh your self once a week, once a month or not even weigh yourself ever. What’s right? You have to figure out what’s right for you. For me I weigh myself quite often. Sometimes when I am struggling I weigh myself everyday to try to keep things in check (think holidays and family gatherings!). I tend to wear loose clothes and don’t always notice if the fit changes. For me it keeps aware and vigilant, it might not be right for you. And we all must keep in mind our bodys are like an ocean with occasional tides shifts, (women I think you know what I mean!) and sometimes we need to take an extra pound or two with a grain of salt as it were… :)

Pen and Paper – Sometime it’s really easy to underestimate what we’ve eaten unless we right it down/log it. That handful of nuts at the office (200 calories), cream in coffee (100 calories), 3 tablespoons of ranch dressing on the otherwise low cal salad (300 calories) 2 sugar sodas (300 calories).  When just starting to try to figure out what’s going on with our weight and what to do about it, logging or writing down EVERYTHING you put in your mouth can be an invaluable tool for seeing EXACTLY what goes on in your day and where ‘hidden’ calories are sneaking in and can be adjusted. For some people they can just mentally tally up their day as they go but for me it helps to write it down and visually see what I’ve got going on. Its a place to be honest and able to plan out and adjust my days intake if needed.

Looking at before and after pictures from all over the place! – I find GREAT inspiration in seeing Before and After pictures all over the web. Body for Life, Weight Watchers, WeLikeItRaw (Raw Food Diet), and soooo many more you can find out there if looking at these pics inspires you at all by all means take a peak!

What are some tools you have found or are exploring in weight loss and weight management?


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