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  1. Saw Nunsense 8/31/12 in Dennis and it was Spectacular! You were a scream and so very talented.. It was a huge relief to just be entertained and alugh!!
    Thank you for your talent and sharing it.

  2. You stole the show in Newberry, S.C. tonight. The show was really cute, but you were hilarious. Your facial expressions, even when you were not speaking were great. I hope you have a great tour. I have loved Cindy Williams since the American Graffiti days, but now I have a new lady to follow. Thanks very much..

    • Thanks so much for writing! We had a GREAT time and I appreciate the positive feedback! We are having a great tour so far and I will let Cindy know you wrote. :)
      Have a GREAT day, JEANNE

  3. We saw the show last nite , You were AWESOME !

    So much hilarity and the characterizations of the entire cast were SPOT ON . As Catholic school alums thru College and then having worked at a Catholic College for a period of time this was a heartwarming nostalgia trip for us . Your character as well as the other cast members brought gales of laughter and recollections of many incredible times we shared withall our Nun buddies !!!

    best of luck for a great run Amnesia , the funny thing is one of my all time favorite nuns was a Sr Mary Paul who was a first yr nun back in the late 50’s and we were her first class . 7 th grade hellions in uniforms ;) Saw her last yr at a. 50 th reunion and she still amazing , we loved her !!! Thanks for a great show last in there in Northern New York !

    • Thanks so much! I just passed your nice email on to the writer DAN GOGGIN because i thought he’d like the story about Sister Mary Paul :)
      We had a great time and you were a GREAT audience, one of our best so far! Thank you for your compliments, and for writing, much appreciated! ~
      love JEANNE

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