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Eating alot of fruits and vegetables won’t prevent a bus from hitting me tomorrow… but MAYBE because I focused on eating them, I could heal quicker? :) I am a Food and Fitness Explorer (for myself) and I needed a place to blah blah about it, so here I am! I read about Diet/Health/Nutrition/Fitness/Weight Management EVERYday for my OWN education and inspiration. I don’t believe diet can cure everything that ails us but if we focus on good nutrition and fitness we can be better prepared for whatever the world throws at us.

By these pictures you can see that I’ve lost weight. I’ve gained weight. Rinsed and repeated a few times! My goal for myself is keeping my weight at a healthy level (constant focus and attention needs to be paid by me as this doesn’t seem to come naturally :) and my energy and immunity on high. People and their food and fitness choices can be a very personal/touchy issue. Our choices are deeply engrained in us through upbringing and culture not to mention massive loads of contradictory information coming from every angle. This blog is a place for exploring : ).

I like to call myself a PLANT BASED MODERATE. It sums up my food philosophy for myself without putting me into a self imposed food-jail. I want plants (think; Vegetable Fruits Nuts Seeds) to be the BASE for all my food choices. Everything else in condiment style portions. Like Michael Pollan writes in his book “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Food Rules | Michael Pollan. I LIKE.

Join me if you’d like while I explore Real Food – Food Issues – Weight Management Ideas – Affordable Functional Fitness – and Recipes that I have and haven’t tried and occasional other topics that come up! Thanks for taking the time to tune in and find me :)

  1. HI Jeanne, I just wanted to say that you were FANTASTIC in “Nunset Boulevard”…just saw you at Ruth Eckerd in Clearwater, FL. Great show in general but you really stood out! I am studying holistic nutrition and when I saw your web site listed in the Playbill, firstly, it cracked me up and then secondly, I knew I had to look you up. :)

    • Hey! Thanks so much for the compliment and for writing to me! Yes I needed a place to talk about FOOD and such in my life, and this is what I came up with :) I would love to study holistic nutrition someday, heres to you and your education! Thanks, again, JEANNE

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