West Coast Work Out of the Week ~

Before I left NYC to spend time in San Diego this Summer, I quit the gym… It was a big step and I thought about it a lot since LAST Summer when I first started considering it. LAST Summer I realized that I was B-O-R-E-D with what I was doing. It worked to get me where I am now, and keep me here. Which is why it was GREAT, and WHY I need to change :) I started at the gym doing different cardio machines as long as it added up to a half hour of work. Then 40 minutes total, then 45 then 50! As long as I ‘did my time’, I was satisfied that I had put the work in. And I WAS working out, sweating and getting in some good quality calorie burning. But I never switched up, you know? No real strength or flexibility training. So I accomplished burning calories and working my muscles and losing weight, YAY ME! Now, I MAY join again when the weather is cold or I need yet another switch up, but for NOW, onto some NEW things :)

So what’s working for THIS week on THIS side of the states? As of now I am:

  • walking canyons and or hills everyday in San Diego. The Telocote Canyon has great breath shortening hills and I can spend a nice hour out there with the dogs and feel very worked out! If you travel a half hour out, you have no real choice but to travel back a half hour! The hills provide great HIIT and sweat and views! The dogs provide good company!
These are the views from my stairs-workout at home outside of NYC from the Polaski Bridge between Long Island City Queens and Brooklyn, very different but also GREAT!

View From My NYC Outdoor Workout

View of My NYC Outdoor Workout

  • on days when I don’t do the canyon or I need a switch up, (a few times a week for now) I am trying some modified (when I say modified, I mean I do the best I can closest to the original exercise modified to my level while still sweating up a storm! :) versions of workouts I found thru other bloggers. Take a look at these two work outs. These are the ones I am looking at now:

10 One Leg Burpees (5 Per Side)
I do regular ones (as best I can, with breaks and some knees involved and some crawling…) 

20 Squat Jumps
I can do these! Sometimes I just in, then out 

30 High Knees (Jump Rope)
I can do these!

40 Jump Split Squats
Instead I do a combination of lunges: front back and side to make 40 

50 Mountain Climbers With Sliding Weight Plates
I DO the mountain climbers but no plates or sliding 

40 Jumping Jacks
I can do these!

30 Plank Jacks
I can do these! With breaks! And lots of panting!

20 Skaters
I can do these! But sometime I do sidesteps with a sidekick instead 

10 Burpees
Just like the first exercise 

Rest for 2 Minutes…and repeat 2 x.

ZWow #16
These women can be intimidatingly fit and beautiful!
But I am trying to just be inspired by their strength!

What’s MOST important about your workout? That you just Do SOMEthing. Walks are wonderful and they count :)


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