Think Before It’s Too LATTE!

Think Before you Latte!

Every time I think about going to Starbucks or Caribou Coffee (LOVE me some Caribou!) a series of questions go through my head, and calculations.

  • What do I want?
  • Am I hungry or is this a treat?
  • How much will it cost and how much do I have?
  • How much will it “cost ME” calorie-wise and what have I already had today and what are my plans for tonight? Can I fit the calories in?
  • Do I need a boost of energy from caffeine or should I wait and get a caffeinated ‘pick-me-up’ at another time like 3pm and have it get me through the afternoon?
  • Will I feel bad if I have it physically or mentally? Mentally will there be guilt feelings? Physically will there be acid or sleepy feelings and do I want to chance it?

You’d THINK this would be easy! It seems like it used to be easy? You just walk in and buy a frappachino and a scone and call it a treat. How nice, BUT! Once you LEARN what this little side excursion in the day might COST you. And extra what… 500-600 calories. And it might DROP you energy-wise from the sugar/carb content when you have 4 more hours of work AND it may cost you $6 and change! Nowadays you can get a LIGHT 16oz ( sorry, I refuse to say Tall…) frappachino for 110 calories and a mini scone for 140 calories so you can cut way down on the calorie cost OR just a get a nice little regular coffee, put your own sweetner in at the help yourself counter, plus add a little of that coco powder/cinnamon and you got a cheapo choc/coffee ‘treat’.

What Will This COST me and CO$T me?

Theres nothing wrong with having ‘treats’ (TREAT- defined by me as being something you don’t need but WANT / definition found on the internet: TREAT-An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.) once in a while but realizing and being aware each time how it ‘adds up’ calorically and ‘walletly’ is a very healthy thing. For instance the other day when getting ready for a trip I let supplies at home run out. No coffee and soymilk at home so one day I went out for 3 total sm coffees between 6am + 5pm. That was about $6 total. If I did that EVERY day that would be  6×7=$42(1week) and then x4 for the month = $168 a month?! Holy FRAPPchino Batman that is TOO MUCH! Times 12 months (getting out calculator)! $2016!! Whoa… Too much… Make your own at home for a FRACTION of the cost…


TREAT Me Right! It ADDS up…

The very same thing happens with food. If you were to buy that ‘treat’ eveyday at an extra 500 calories a day, x 7 (1week) = 3500. 3500 Calories = one whole pound! Times 4 times 12!!! You could gain 48 lbs easy in a YEAR if you didn’t work it off everyday! Also look at it in reverse. If you have a daily habit like this TREAT (or a few sugar sodas throughout the day and a Cinnabon kind of afternoon…), and then you STOP it, or TRADE it for something lower caloricaly, you could LOSE that much in a year! WHOA! Thats amazing :) And while the science of calories isn’t exact (unless you’re in a lab setting ) it is close enough that if you pay attention, you can make some serious changes for the better in your overall eating. If you DON’T at LEAST pay attention, you can make some serious additions to your body in places you don’t want.

Oh to be back in the days of not thinking about it… Wait WAIT… back in those days I wore a size BAG me and didn’t like to go out of the house unless it was in a large coat Summer or Winter to feel I was covered up enough to be semi confident… Ah the rose colored/chocolate tinted glasses I used to wear… A friend of mine said, if you START to count calories you will always be aware of them for better or worse :) Its kind of true, those little numbers pop up in front of me when I look at food sometimes. It doesn’t deter me from amazing foods with high calories sometimes but it gives me some parameters to work in, can I fit this in my calorie day/week? Can I work this off? Will I have food/calorie guilt or just pleasure? Good things to think about before diving in!

And once in a while you just WANT whatever you want,
and you should have it,
and MOVE ON!!! :)

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