Finding a Workout WHEREVER You Are!

Today is my first full day of a planned month in San Diego! YAY! House and Dog Sitting :) Of course one of my first thoughts is WHAT WILL I DO FOR MY WORKOUT? And HOW WILL I EAT WHILE I’M VISITING so as not to GAIN WEIGHT?! Well we are supposed to walk the dogs twice a day so THAT is an automatic benefit! Dog Park and Fiesta Island! The last time I visited here it was only for a week so I allowed myself not to pay too much attention to my food intake and although I kept up a routine of walking and 20 minutes pilates workout, my trip still resulted in a little take home present of about 3lbs! No biggie really but I CAN NOT do that for 3WEEKS! Ack! So, first order of business, where/what to work out. I need cardio and strength. Cardio? There’s a canyon across the street Tecolote Canyon, with some wicked hills! Didn’t do that YET…tomorrow? I DID walk down towards the water up and down hills for about an hour and it FELT like a workout! Cardio: CHECK!

HILLS! They are a workout all by themselves!

Got back and did a wonderful 20 min stretch/yoga routine by my friend and instructor Aliza Loewy. We video’d a short routine of hers for a project to be shared with the masses at a later date, so excited! Strength: Check! Done and done.

How She Glows! ALIZA LOEWY

Tomorrow? Walk the same route or go hike in the canyon for cardio, or do one of a million cardio videos found on Hulu and the ‘interwebs’! My point of this Post? (And I DO have one… Ellen :) Just because we are out of our regular environment doesn’t mean we should stop our routine of being active even if it means switching it up a bit. In a previous post called GETTING EXERCISE IN WHEN YOU’RE OUT OF TOWN I talked about a few ways to get moving while cooped up in a hotel and on a budget. There are SO many resources out there; hills and stairs to climb videos to watch and moves to make. The important thing is to make the effort to get moving everyday. Walking counts. Walking is wonderful! Some kind of strength / resistance / stretching is important to fit in there too (these are things I need to concentrate on more, esp at ‘eh hem’… my age :).

How do you keep on ‘keeping on’ when on the road or in a new atmosphere? Do you find a gym? Studio? Bring equipment with you? Jog? Walk? Bike? A Bunch of everything? Don’t say “nothing!” :)

Just Some Beauty Found on the Side of the Road :)

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