Food Costs and Food COSTS ~

Some alternate Titles for this post were:

  • TRAVELING-“Food Glorious Food! What WOULDN’T We Pay For?”
  • Tips for Traveling and Navigating the Airport in Search of Food and Stretching
  • Plan Ahead or Spend Your Bread!

A previous post of mine in this vein was called EATING AT THE OFFICE. My tip for traveling and navigating the airport for food is pretty similar to my tips for eating and navigating the office world, when you can, two words: PLAN AHEAD! For Stretching I would just say if you are going to be sitting all day in a plane, walk the airport as much as you can while you wait for your flights avoiding those moving sidewalks and stand more than sit if you can!

Best bet? PACK YOUR OWN MEALS AND SNACKS. Although I was happy to see that the airport has much more to offer in the way of choices these days, a CUP of FRUIT was priced at nearly SIX DOLLARS!!! Eye yi yi!

Even an ORGANIC apple from the store (which can run 2.99 a pound…) are usually not more than a dollar a PIECE. So a little planning ahead is going to get you the snacks that you want at a price you can afford, or at least tolerate.

If you have dietary restrictions placed on yourself due to allergies or sensitivities, ethics or preference, your best bet is also to plan ahead. Why make yourself uncomfortable and get mad at the world for not having what you want when you can just be that much more in control by bringing it with you?

For this trip, I didn’t do it… I did not plan, boo me! Ha! I usually do because along with getting things that go along with my diet preferences (which are all weight related and wanting more natural whole food options, as opposed to sensitivities or problems with digestions, HELL I CAN eat just about anything and I enjoy MOST things that come in a wrapper, but…) it gives me ease of mind to know if I’m hungry or light headed or what have you, I have the situation under control and in my pocket! Snack Bag! Or purse!

Some items I ended up buying because I didn’t plan ahead:

    • Bag of Pistachios $4.99 (Just say it! That’s FIVE! Knock it off with the .99 already!)
    • Coffee $2.50
    • Mediterranean Wrap $7.80
I think that’s all I bought but if I had brought the same items from my neighborhood they would’ve been at least HALF the price.
What if Foods COST what they COST us?

I have always had this thought that food cost, should be comparable to what the calories or benefits are. Like the higher the calories the higher the cost. Would that encourage people to eat more produce? The only backfire on that to my way of thinking would be that avocados and nuts would be pricey… Maybe they would be in an exceptional category because the calories vs nutritional value is great and they are REAL food as opposed to created mechanically?

Those are my thoughts on COSTS for Today! How do YOU navigate traveling and food? Do you bring everything with you that you’d like or navigate and choose from the options at the airport? Strategies? Here’s hoping your next travel day is GREAT no matter WHAT you do for snacks! :)

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