This Better Be GOOD…

As soon as someone thinks about trying to lose weight there is immediate fear of Losing pleasure and Gaining discomfort and hunger… We need to find things that are going to give us great nutrition AND enjoyment. These two things do NOT need to be mutually exclusive! The goal, is to make it a pleasant food trip you can ride on for the rest of your life. To make your weight change you DO have to make changes. Find a balance between energy intake (eating, Yum!) and expenditure (exercise and motion!). All food is fuel, some fuel is better than others. Just like a car, we can run on bad fuel (think processed fried saturated fat filled salt preservative laden foods), but if we keep it up eventually our pipes will get gunked up just like an engine running on low quality petrol.

The aim is to find things that nourish you AND give you great pleasure, at the SAME time. When you are thinking about your next meal you should be thinking, “what do I get to eat NEXT?!” instead of “what am I supposed to eat or what should I eat or what’s the only things I can eat…”  It takes some practice to find things that are delicious to YOU, AND support your goals. It’s a worthy endeavor.

Why waste calories on eating something you don’t enjoy, you’ll only end up eating that AND what you really want.

Find foods and recipes that support your goals AND are yummy, not things you THINK you SHOULD eat if you don’t like them.

Most meals should be focused around vegetables esp if you are trying to control your weight or make it lower. If you need to gain weight, adding extra grains healthy oils and nuts can be useful.

Making it all enjoyable, not food jail.

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