Make Your OWN ‘Plate’ or ‘Pyramid’, everyone else does!

If you take a second to look around, there are SO many people offering advice and giving ‘definitive’ answers to the age old question of ‘what is the BEST way to eat?’ What should my diet be comprised of? Well the government had a pyramid and now a plate to describe what they are advocating. I am not here to say who’s is the best advice or who’s is the least influenced by outside interests (like profit and lobbies) besides everyones health. My favorite most well rounded ‘plate’ is found at the bottom of this page from HARVARD, they’re supposed to pretty smart right? :)

I’ve collected a few of my favorite pyramids plates and charts (there are SO MANY I couldn’t include but just a small percentage of what I saw!), obviously some are just for fun but like the first one, RIGHT on target!!
(Click on any image to see it larger)


theperfecthealthdiet2012-01-10 at 11.54.54 PM

Add them together and make a nice Salad?



Common Themes? Seems to be lots of FRUITS and VEGGIES!! 



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