What’s left in the Kitchen Salad Today ~

I woke up, sipped my coffee for few hours while working at the computer and puttering about the apartment. Then had a lovely simple shake of orange and frozen banana with a dash of cinnamon and ginger (just reading about the possible healing affects of ginger so I HAD to put a TINY slice in! Cinnamon in surprisingly good snuck into most smoothies and also is said to have great health properties).

I ran into Manhattan for a meeting that took a few hours. When I got back home around 1pm I was HUNGRY! I just dumped these three ingredients together and BAM I had an awesome hearty (LOOK at that avocado!) salad. I also threw in some cucumber carrot and parsley I thought I was buying cilantro but… turns out it was parsley so I have to use it somewhere!) but was too hungry to take more pics. Newman’s Balsamic dressing topped it off and YUM. A wonderful quick salad! Oh and pretty too… that’s REALLY why I posted at all :)

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