Do We NEED Gadgets for Success? No, but…

Soooo many GADGETS and THINGS out there to help us with fitness and dieting… Do we NEED any of them? Not REALLY but… if there are tools, gadgets and machines out there that motivate or inspire you, help you enjoy working out or cooking and preparing AND you can afford them? Why NOT? Just like the gym, you don’t NEED to join one, but if it helps you stick with a routine or try new things and gets you out of the house if that’s what you need, why not?! I remember asking a dentist what toothbrush was the best to buy, he said “the ones that make you brush!” Sparkly, swirling, big, tiny, expensive or cheap, it didn’t really matter to him as long as the brushing and flossing got DONE. Right!

I like GADGETS… I like TRACKING, progress AND hiccups. When Biggest Loser first started I liked watching it, with a bowl of popcorn on my lap… but thats another story… I was noticing the contestants had these arm band things on all the time. The device looked about the size of a box of cigarettes strapped to their triceps. / Older Bodybugg

I investigated and found out they were wearing the Body Bugg. A nifty device that through a set of parameter gives what they say is 90% accurate reading of how many calories you burn, among other reading outs. And if you keep track of your calories eaten, you can lose weight by the numbers. When they were that BIG I couldn’t get one (thank goodness!) because at the time, they weren’t compatible with macs. They are now! And iphones! I actually have a similiar device from BodyMedia FIT (their ad says it is 95% accurate readings) and I LOVE it!

The devices are more dainty these days and I hardly notice it when it’s on. There is actually a newer model than the one pictured that is a third smaller. I’ve learned so much from mine. I got miffed once when I heard someone say that they bought one but it didn’t DO anything, IT doesn’t DO anything for you, YOU do something with what you LEARN from it! It’s a little pricey for a gadget but I have got really good use out of it and after the initial investment I pay a little over $6 a month to use their online tracking service. It’s a tool, a hobby, and it seems to motivate me when I haven’t moved enough during the day to do more. And as long as I am keeping good track of my intake each day, I get VERY good feedback. If I gain or lose weight, it is NOT A SURPRISE, the numbers tell the tale! I’ve taken a screen shot of a few days readouts as examples:

So the squiggles are a visual of my activity all that day. All I really did Sunday was putter about my house doing chores and running a few errands in the neighborhood including some laundry down the street finishing up round 6pm. No ‘formal’ work out that Sunday. You can also see from the TARGET column and the ACTUAL column that I did not meet my GOALS for the day. I am looking to lose a few pounds. As you can see the deficit for the day was almost a wash. So: no gain, no loss, no biggie. To reach the goals I set the deficit would have been closer to 1000. If you create a deficit of 500 a day for 7 days that is a pound lost! 3500 calories equals a pound! But the program does the counting for you :)

No look at my Monday WITH a ‘formal’ workout, can you guess when I did it?

Between 10:30 and 11 I went for a Jog (the tower!), and after that I did some conditioning exercises at my apartment (the little tower). I had an appointment in Manhattan at 3 finishing at about 4 and heading home. Don’t remember what I did around 7 but must have been a little walk. I DID meet my goals on this day and even though I looked more active on Sunday I burned more calories on Monday because of my formal workout in the morning.

Here is Wednesday (note: see 8pm-9pm? Just a walk in my neighborhood, and an extra 350 calories burned!):

You can see around 8-8:30am, that’s where I did a cardio video in my apartment followed by some conditioning (interrupted here and there by doing dishes and answering emails) until about 9:30am. Much more puttering about the house and then an appointment in town at 3pm and home by 6pm. I could see by my readout that I wasn’t going to meet my calorie expenditure goals so I set off for a nice walk over the Polaski Bridge and into brooklyn. As you can see it took about an hour and it burned about 350 extra calories, Yay! A gold mental star for meeting my goals!

I could go ON and ON about tools and gadgets!  More later! I’m SURE all my squiggly lines are FLAT while I’ve been writing! Time for a little shake up!

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