3 Successful Recipes this Weekend!

What makes them successful recipes? Tasting FANTASTIC! Not being burned! Not being dropped! Having tried trying something NEW! The first one is Date Walnut Bars from elana’s pantry, they turned out SO good. Reminds me of banana bread and coffee cake, yet, it’s made with almond flour and only 1/4 cup of honey for sweetner. This is not a low calorie treat! There is a cup of Walnuts and a cup of chopped Dates and almond flour is dense with energy, but the ingredients are whole and nutritious! I love it and so did my taste tester :)

The second experiment this weekend was Sesame Crackers also from elana’s pantry and made with almond flour. I am always looking for a crunchy snack NOT made from white flour or fried, these were wonderful. I say were, because I made half the recipe and ate a few at every meal until they were gone gone gone :)  I liked them by themselves but they lend themselves to dips and spreads and seem ripe for experiment if you like seasonings and more flavors added. I am a plain with a little salt kinda person for crackers.

The third and final experiment for the weekend was Addictive Brussels Slaw from shutterbean.com. I actually put in 1/2 what they called for of walnuts and a little less what they called for for cheese. SO deliscious. The only issue I found was it didn’t keep well. You should try to eat it up within a day or two. Not too hard if you have someone to share it with, because it is TASTY! You could probably make this slaw with cabbage too? Maybe I will try that next weekend :)

Well if any of these look good to you I encourage you to try them. So happy to have had such a successful recipe weekend, now I am off to have a LITTLE Walnut Date Bar with my morning coffee… heaven…

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