I Just Got Run Over By The Wagon I Fell Off…

Its funny but I did NOT take a picture of the food I ate this past weekend… it was not all plant based and it was not all good for me… I feel a little like I got run over by the nutritional wagon I fell off of… Ha! :)
It seems to have a snow ball effect when you go out drinking doesn’t it? I had a few drinks Friday night, very tasty! I don’t drink too often so I am a LIGHT weight. I’ve read before that it’s not so much the extra calories that do you in, but the lack of control and consideration that comes over you AFTER drinking that can be your healthy downfall. Hello? Traditional hangover food? Usually not a salad and not what I chose either the next day (think starchy food and take out boxes askew in the living room…), not to mention the late night drunkity snack of Pesto Pasta! Let’s just say I am posting some inspiration foods for this week and call it a Brand New Day :)

Morning Shake in my new blender…

Steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli stems, yeah they are leftover from making a Broccoli Cauliflower Salad, I like them! Meaty :)

Veggie Parfait, Its a salad without the lettuce. Cucumbers carrots celery bean sprouts and a PICKLE! Add dressing :)

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