Kale ~ It’s What’s For Dinner!

My first time with KALE (sounds personal I know…) the experience really set me against it, until I read up on HOW to prepare it, duh, reading instructions ALWAYS helps :) I had just washed it and chopped it up and sauteed it with olive oil onions salt and pepper. I have always taken it as a rule of thumb that MOST veggies will taste WONDERFUL with olive oil onions and or garlic salt and pepper, and for the most part its true! Think spinach, chard, multi veggie stir frys- Now the kale… I didn’t know that it is recommended to de-stem it before using, makes a BIG difference! Those stems don’t soften up seemingly at ALL with the sauteing. De – stem!

We have all heard kale is a super food right?


Leafy greens are the most highly recommended vegetable for us to include in our diets (they can also be described as… ‘natures broom’  ha ha! :). Kale is hardy, has a much tougher leaf than lettuce and also has many different varieties and textures. I was looking for some ways to incorporate it in my diet. I mean, it’s supposed to be SUPER right? I thought I would give it another chance, and I am glad I did!

So besides (de-stemmed!) sauteing (much tastier but I still prefer swiss chard… shhh…) I also tried adding a handful (did I mention – de-stemmed…) to my smoothie in the morning, that was a success. You can add a handful of fresh or chopped frozen, frozen is brittle so it breaks up into smaller smoother pieces, you can do the same with frozen spinach. Find the right amount for yourself for taste, I think a handful is great. The smoothie looked so pretty too (I know that esthetic is a mater of taste, I LOVE green!) and it didn’t diminish the fruity (1/2 a frozen banana and an orange (no seeds) frozen berries and a little honey if your fruit isn’t sweet sweet) taste while adding a fresh shot of chlorophyll to my day. More fun to drink our vitamins? Mmmm yes :)

SALAD You can also make kale into a salad. Straight raw I find it too tough and bitter. The best way for me to enjoy it as a salad has been to make it the night before. Wash dry and de-stem it, break it into smaller pieces, then massage your salad dressing into the greens and let it sit overnight. The acid in the dressing breaks it down a little like it does coleslaw. Yum!

CRUNCHY SNACKS –  Brads Raw Chips has 2 great products created from Kale that I have enjoyed. Brad’s Raw Leafy Kale is dehydrated with several different flavors into a fun crunchy snack. They are pricey, but if you look at the ingredients packaging and process you see why. There ARE recipes out on the InterWebs :) to make your own baked or dehydrated. He also has Brad’s Raw Kale Chips. You can make these types of things at home too, mine never seem to turn out QUITE as nifty so I just treat myself once in a while :)

Do you eat Kale? Any good ideas to share in making it a part of our diets?


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