If you aren’t EXPECTING them to taste just like fudge or the brownies you KNOW… they’re good! Not exactly a ringing endorsement but not a complete fail either :) Just like a veggie burger or faux chicken cutlet, it is NOT beef and NOT chicken so it won’t taste JUST like them because… they’re not. They look wonderful and they smelled just like brownies but right out of the oven the texture was a little off putting ( I know I know the recipe SAYS to wait til they are cool and I didn’t!) since they didn’t have that fluffy brownie texture or that dense graininess of fudge. Once they cooled over night the texture was improved, moist and dense and we really got to love them.

I told my man (and main taste-tester) that they were NOT low calorie, vegan, raw or low fat. His response:  “Then WHY Are We Eating BLACK BEAN Brownies??” Ha! Well? “That trip you took to Costco resulted in a quasi-pallet of black beans… AND, I am a food experimenter, and I just happen to be experimenting with recipes that don’t require regular processed flour” (Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat by Mark Hyman, MD). Hence the Black Bean Brownie experiment. How did it go? Well! I found a recipe and didn’t really think about the fact that it required ONE CUP of BUTTER 4 EGGS and ONE CUP of HONEY… (Which turns out we had in the house IN bulk from the trip to Costco). That is MANY MANY calories made of some whole but DENSELY CALORIC food stuff! Now that really is OK… because I cut them small and they are for TREATS, not a main-stay. It just makes me feel like experimenting more and seeing if I can come up with something a little LESS calorific-ly dense, but still without flour AND tasty too.  So THIS weekend I am going to make MORE! Yay!  But from an entirely different recipe I found, I will post the next experiment on the weekend and let you know what we thought. Here is the first one we tried and refer to above:

BLACK BEAN BROWNIES-1st try-scarlettabakes.com



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