I Don’t Like RULES But I Do Like GUIDELINES ~

When I am feeling a little FOOD CRAZY… or a bit fast and loose with my food choices… not really HUNGRY but CRAVING…  or feeling a little bit like a BLOATational device… I place a list of GUIDELINES for myself up in the Kitchen. Things I KNOW will help, but still need reminding of when my instincts or hormones are encouraging me to eat as much and as often as possible (in case there’s a drought or famine – here in Long Island City for heavens sake?!). It says:

These look suspiciously like RULES! Here they are reinterpreted as GUIDELINES: (Low to )NO Sugar/(Low to )NO Flour/Low to )NO Salt/YES to Water

The other list says (possibly with TOO many smiley faces! Trying not to holler at myself but to encourage…) :

FACE IT/Get On The Scale/WRITE IT DOWN/Think Ahead and Think On Your Feet/FACE IT!!

If I were to riff on other things that help me keep in line during times like these:

YES to many colorful Veggies like Leafy Greens Raw Salads fixings and Low Sugar Fruits
NO (for NOW while de-bloating) to Legumes/Starchy Beans and Potatoes and Corn
YES to good Fats, they satisfy and make everything taste good, think avocados, nuts/seeds, and vinaigrette (w/o sugar)
YES to some lean protein type things to keep insulin levels moderate and spikes and valleys at a minimum: My favorite protein sources are nuts and seeds and if you are not adverse to animal proteins my favs in that direction are boiled eggs –  chicken and fish – a little cheese here and there

When I feel the need to straighten up my diet and stop cravings I also pare way down on things that are garlicky and full of onions. They seem to stimulate me to want MORE so, I will just back off on them and keep things super simple for a few days until the food crazies pass.

SUNDAY’S INTAKE & OUT (No too exciting not too strict, but simple satisfying and filling. I already feel less bloaty and coo coo cravey than the day before :)

IN – Coffee with honey and Soy-milk/Almond
IN – 2 Apples and Some Raw Cashews
OUT – (jog around the hood for about 30 mins and then some Pilates and stretching for 20 mins at home)
IN – Cottage Cheese Cucumber Slices Baby Carrots and a handful of Almonds for ‘dessert’
IN – Coffee with some honey and Cream
OUT – (nice walk in the hood with my man to get coffee at Sweet Leaf and then continue on over the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn around a few blocks and back home)
IN – Rotisserie Chicken Steamed Broccoli Cauliflower and Peas with Pesto and a Few Almonds for Crunch

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