I See My Water Bottle As Half Full ~ Perceptions

I am SO much more likely to drink from a 32oz water bottle (and possibly refill it) than I am to finish off a 48oz bottle… 48oz makes the task so DAUNTING! On one of those Tony Robbins CDs (yes I bought and listened to a bunch of those… and after acquiring ALL that knowledge, I still don’t own my own island… ha!) he referred to the breaking down of large tasks into smaller chunks, as a process called ‘CHUNKING’. Lovely word eh? It works for me, along with playing to my PERCEPTION of things. Even though the words ‘Chunking’ and Weight-loss don’t seem to jibe well together… they do!

Perceptions: Once I started counting calories I never really stopped, I am semi-aware of the numbers all the time. When I joined Weight Watchers, at the beginning, I counted my points AND counted calories. After a while I stopped counting points, but kept going to the meetings. I find the principles really similar in that you are using numbers to keep track of the energy density of your foods and activities, so why do I choose to count calories instead? My preference for calorie counting is just a mind trick I employ, I LIKE that I can consume 1500-2000 calories a day compared to 20 to 40 points! Look at those numbers, I KNOW its just a Mind Trick that makes it LOOK like I have more to work with! What ever works for you right? Have you ever heard of the idea that people put an unflattering picture of themselves on the fridge to encourage them not to eat? That does NOT work for me! It just would make me sad! I actually don’t have any pictures of encouragement up for myself, but if I did, it would be a picture of me looking FABULOUS, even if it was just from the neck up :)

Chunking: In Weight Watchers they are practicing this. If I come in and I weigh 200 and want to lose 50 pounds, they break down the task and set your FIRST goal (to 5% or your full current weight) at about 10lbs, 10 sounds SO much more doable than 50! 50 is ultimate but this smaller chunk lets us focus on the first steps while the finish line is up ahead.

  • At the gym but the half hour goal you set for yourself seems TOO much to bare today? Do 10 minutes each on 3 different machines!
  • Did you set an hour cardio goal for yourself today but woke up too late to do it all first thing? Go for a 20 minute walk/jog outside or do a 20 min video in your living room, go for a 20 min walk at lunch and a little walk after dinner – got your hour in!
  • Gotta mountain to climb? Start with the first hill.
  • Want to learn to play the piano? Start by practicing a 1/2 hour a day.
  • Want to be more of a raw foodist? Have some fruit with nuts for breakfast and/or a salad with avocado for lunch (skip the brownie :).
  • Want to run a marathon? No need to start training by running 26 miles the first day! OW.

Chunk it up into smaller pieces, easier to swallow! Is there a better way to say it? Divide and Conquer, Break it down?

I want to write a book someday, for now; I am going to practice finding my ‘voice’, ‘chunk’ my thoughts and Blog here on DBMMH :)
Works for me!!
What works for you?

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