ExerWise; What’s Working THIS Week?

Contrary to what it feels like sometimes, the office will NOT fall apart if I step away from my desk for a little while… back SLOWLY away from your cube… everything will be OK… : )

Last month I was working out of town and staying at a hotel, this month I am living at home and have a 9-5 office job. Going from a breezy work schedule to 9-5 again is a bit of a transition. The first week I was back it was SO busy at my office I’d sit down at 9 and look up and it was 5! The days just zoomed… I was getting my formal exercise done before work but I felt so stiff and sedentary during the day that it was making me a little… Cranky. So, for the next week I needed a new plan to put more movement in my day.

 work of artist Maya Barkai

Here’s what’s worked for me THIS week:
11:30am:  I head out of the office and walk 15 minutes in one direction here in Manhattan, then turn around, and come back, sometimes picking up some lunch along the way.
2:30/3:00:  I take a ‘lunch break’ and run to a nearby gym for half an hour and use the treadmill or stairs (I am a freelancer project work, so I know this isn’t possible in everyone’s positions). It makes my day SO MUCH BETTER! My circulation and mood and sense of freedom feel restored!

Does your job make you feel physically stagnant? Can something like that help to make your day better?

Some points I’ve been Pondering ~

  • I heard Dr Oz recommend that when you are first trying to get your diet together for weight loss/health; make your first 2 meals of the day a no-brainer by having the same thing (or the same-within a few limited choices) everyday (in the beginning). That way you can take the scurrying-to-decide-while-hungry stress out of your day. I don’t think it’s a bad idea – and can apply to exercise too.  Establish a habit of doing the same thing at the same time everyday or every other day, and when you eventually need to switch it up, all you will have to do is plug some other activity into that time slot (remember the motto Flexible & Consistent – you might be aiming for the perfect schedule everyday, if you are off target, adjust – reconfigure and move on!).
  • I am learning over these last 2 years to ease up on my all or nothing thinking, it’s not easy to give up! Like: I missed Monday’s work out so I ruined the week and I might as well not do any… That makes NO sense! I ate one cookie might as well eat the whole sleeve… That makes even LESS sense! Enjoy the day you took off and get back to your schedule tomorrow – eat that cookie enjoy it then move on!
  • Want to jog but feel unable to jog continuously? Think of it THIS way; it’s INTERVAL training to walk then jog then walk then jog! Great calorie burn!
  • Want to exercise a whole hour but can’t seem to get it all in? Do a 20 minute set in the morning (could be as simple as a walk if you want), a 20 minute walk at lunch and another after work or dinner. Done done and DONE…

Have a great Day :)



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