Where Do I/You Get Healthy Food Inspiration?

I remember seeing a picture in a magazine of beautiful butter lettuce salad dressed with home made lemon vinaigrette that had avocados and tomatoes on the top. I saw it in O Magazine in 2005 and it was called Red, White and Green Salad. It was beautiful and looked delicious! I thought If I could eat things like THAT everyday I wouldn’t MIND trying to be healthy!  Then I thought wait… I CAN make things like that as often as I want for myself what’s stopping me? It was not so exotic or difficult that I can’t make it for myself as often as I want. It just takes a little shopping and chopping :) It just light bulbed for me how easy and more importantly APPEALING healthy things can be. Eating things you Love and Loving the Things You Eat, so important! I love a good salad, with a beautiful home made dressing (then I know exactly what is in it), I love veggies baked roasted, and steamed tossed with a little olive oil salt and pepper, I have the ability to make these things as often as I want! Easy Peasy!

What are some other inspiring vegetable dishes you’ve discovered for yourself and your family?


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