Let your FOOD FLAG FLY! or Why do we like Labels?
Some distinctions are just obvious right? EGG… doesn’t NEED a label… but it was just fun to do :)

Why do we use them to define ourselves?

For this exploration I am talking about labels in how it relates to food and diet choices, of COURSE I am! :)

Labels. I was talking to a friend the other day and told him I didn’t like the term FLEXETARIAN for myself even though the classification might fit me – really only because it doesn’t flow off the tongue or make any specific reference to what a person believes in, in terms of food consumption. I went on to talk about VEGETARIANS with their different classification depending on wether they eat cheese or fish and other things… and then VEGANS who don’t eat ANYthing animal related, RAW FOODISTS who usually come with a percent (I am 80% raw or 95% raw and so on) and then the LFRV Low Fat Raw Vegans and the CR Calorie Restriction people and the FRUITARIAN who do just what it sounds like, eat all fruit! There’s PALEO, CAVEMAN, LOW CARB, PRICE WESTINGHOUSE followers, GLUTEN FREE, and probably MANY MANY others. My friend just looked at me and said “I don’t need to call myself anything…I just am…”. Well, how very ZEN of him! :) Ha! Why DO some of us feel a need to put a label on ourselves and the way we eat? Rather than just doing it? It could be because of Food Allergies someone wants to say DANGER! Don’t come near me (with whatever the offending food is) or the consequences could be severe! Other than a dangerous situation is it because we want the feeling of belonging to a group? Or to single ourselves out to make us feel a bit… special? Do we let our ‘FOOD FLAG’ fly to see if we can gather like minded people around us or separate us from unlike minded people or to EDUCATE others to our way of eating by putting it out there? I find it a good question and we all might have different motives behind the impetus to do it. I’d like to label myself. I think its a multifaceted want. Part of my want comes from what I have read. I’ve read over and over that food can really heal a person when choosing mostly plant based nutrition. I believe we can set ourselves up with a stronger constitution to fend off things that come our way. I would like more people to be AWARE of the option (wether they choose to follow or not TOTALLY up to the individual as long as they are AWARE of this wonderful option to fight off many diseases including SOME forms of heart disease, diabetes, gastric problems, obesity and many other things) of PREVENTATIVE nutrition. I said I was a VEGETARIAN for many years and felt like a complete failure one year when I had some spaghetti sauce made with meat and I don’t think anyone was judging me but myself. I have a friend who is a VEGETARIAN who doesn’t eat any animal products but eats a whole lot of fried food and processed food and I’ve heard people say behind his back “well for a VEGETARIAN he certainly doesn’t seem healthy”. So by putting your FOOD FLAG out there you could be setting up yourself to be judged by yourself and others for staying on the course you set, or for going off of it. It could be a lot of self imposed pressure. Do we need to do it? No. Why DO we? Unless maybe because of Food Allergies someone wants to say “DANGER! Don’t come near me (with whatever the offending food is) or the consequences could be severe!” I think its different for everyone and up to the individual. My FOOD FLAG says  – PLANT BASED MODERATE. It fits me and defines what I am aiming for without placing myself in a self imposed food jail mentality. I do it for me, Is it necessary, no, I just LIKE it :)

Do you label yourself? Does it matter? Do you think it harms? Separates us or brings us together? Warns? Should we just forget them and lead by example?

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