Getting Exercise IN When You’re OUT of Town ~

Occasionally I travel for weeks at a time with my job and I have to be creative to get workouts in. There always seem to be obstacles AND ways around them (darnit!). It’s the dead of WINTER and I am in a HOTEL for the next few weeks. Summer brings more outside opportunities but for now, looking around for exercise options I have come to recognize; You don’t NEED to go to a gym  OR spend alot of money to get exercise!

  • GOOGLING  the ‘hotel zip code’ and ‘gym’, I see that we have a YMCA  less than a Mile away (some hotels have their own gyms, ours doesn’t). I told the Y manager I was going to be here a little less than a month and he worked out a deal with me to pay about $55 for full membership that includes classes and the pool, nice!
  • STAIR CASE – I’m on the third floor of my hotel, I can just walk up, then walk down. That equals cardio AND interval training! If that doesn’t get your heart rate up you can skip a step on the way up, or side step your way up. It COULD be boring but just get some great music on your headphones or radio or NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, makes the time zoom by! Also our hotel has hundreds of rooms in it and there is plenty of hallway space to walk if you want to stretch and take a few laps.
  • There’s a Mall a few miles away and it is big enough that they have MALL WALKING and mile markers corresponding to laps there. Many of our colder climates here in the states have Malls that welcome Mall Walkers especially in the Winter. Safe bright and plenty of ground to cover!
  • The INTERNET has SO many free work outs videos! All lengths and intensities.  Its daunting how many there are but just like picking out work out music, if you take the time to search you are bound to find SOMETHING out there you like. DVDs or instant play videos from AMAZON and other vendors, NETFLIX! So many options with your computer.

So right now my ROUTINE has been to go to the gym every other day and work out on the machines 40 or 50 mins then do a 20 minute Pilates routine I memorized from Exercise TV, Lizbeth Garcia, it’s GREAT!

On the opposite days I go up and down the stairs 20-25 mins, then do a 20 min Cindy Whtimarsh Total Toning and Cardio routine from Google and I have worked up a great sweat and toned a little. Using my water bottles as weights when they are called for! Maybe you like dance exercise videos? Or Yoga? Jazzercise! Its all out there! Done and Done! And it feels so good, when you’re DONE! :)

Do you have more ideas for working out when you’re out and about? Share!

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