The Absence of Pain ~

Often times we only make changes after we experience a significant amount of pain, that compels us to change. It could be an external force like losing our jobs that prompts us to learn something new. It could be hitting ‘rock bottom’ be it emotional, physical, financial, spiritual – whatever the case, it leads us to take action.

  • Physical Therapy / Weight Watchers / Classes / Support Groups / Reading… MORE reading

“I feel like cr@p so… I need to do something about it.” “I am tired of being sick so let me really investigate and see if I can get better.” Get a second opinion, maybe a third and fourth! “I’m exhausted from my lifestyle and wonder if I can find a better way to manage my time.” “I’m tired of being in debt.” “My shoulder my back my knees ache all the time, how can I heal and strengthen them?” Is it something mechanical medical muscular allergies? “My body feels heavy and uncooperative and I want more!”

  • Reading and asking for HELP /¬†Weight Reduction / Exercise / Education / Counseling

In any given case things come to a boil and we need to DO something about the issue. Take an ACTION. Visit the Dr./expert, research, get some advice and work on it. Taking action always yields results. If we don’t do something different, nothing will change! Sometimes that action leads us down the wrong path but we can learn from that and try another. And another, until we find something that helps us and makes us feel better! We will never make progress and change for the better unless we keep trying; Never Never NEVER Give UP!!!

  • Doing the same thing and expecting different results! CRAZY! / Coo Coo! / Nuttybuddy!

What happens when we get to a point where we feel better? Relief! Yes! When reaching a point of comfort and relief we must take great care. What happens in the absence of pain?

  • 30 day ‘fix it’, then what… / Next Steps / Maintenance / New Goals

More often then not, once we have ‘fixed’ ourselves in some way, given ourselves a measure of relief, we may slowly start to slack off. We slow down on the strength training that fixed our sore shoulders, stop stretching our legs before getting up to reduce the chances of the planters faciatis returning, stop keeping track of our food intake and ‘treating’ ourselves too much.

  • Let the past be a teacher for your future, not hold you back!

When we are succesful enough to climb ourselves out of ‘rock bottom’, what compels us to then keep maintaining our hard won success? Keeps us from tumbling back down? Or keeps us growing and exploring? What happens when we start feeling better – even good or GREAT most of the time? What happens in the absence of PAIN as a motivator? For some it can be the realization that there are now OTHER THINGS in LIFE to do and work on! No pain so lets try THIS! No pain so now I can do THAT!

  • I GOT this! / Move It !/ Aaaaaand… ACTION! / Forward March!

One of THE most important things we can do if we get ourselves OUT of a ‘hole’ is remembering to keep climbing and why we started in the first place. The work doesn’t END. It changes and hopefully the work is replaced by habit. As in weight loss, once we reach our GOAL, don’t resume old habits. If you do, then you go back to the way you were before, simple as that. Make new goals in and outside fitness and health!

Keep reading, keep learning, keep making your own decisions :)

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