That’s Food-ertainment!!!

Marion Nestle says it well in a blog post in the NYTimes;

“When did it become O.K. to eat in bookstores?” she asked. “Or in Staples? Bed, Bath and Beyond, or drugstores?”

Not sure if it’ FOOD or Entertainment…

Food is EVERYwhere! And more and more it’s presented in the form of entertainment, can’t even go into a book store without food as an option. Our senses are BOMBARDED with it as something to DO, another form of amusement instead of it being kept in a certain realm of our lives (something to enjoy SURELY but it is meant to sustain and nourish, not use it as another sport like activity!) but it is EVERYwhere!

“People who pay attention to calorie labels on menus are shocked, for example, to discover that a single cookie contains 700 calories,” Dr. Nestle said. “You may want that cookie, but then you can’t eat anything else. Cookies didn’t used to be this big.” Marion Nestle


I named my blog DIETBOKSMAKEMEHUNGRY because when I read articles on food, it tickles my senses and can make my stomach grumble…  the smell of fresh baked brownies can STILL tantalize us even if we JUST ate… Its harder to keep control of ourselves and pass up EXTRA food when we see images and ads everywhere, we are so over STIMULATED all the time that it can be a real effort to drown out and sift through STIMULATION verses REAL hunger. REAL hunger vs Food ENTERTAINMENT. I don’t really see our abundance ending soon here in America, the opportunity to eat at every corner and venue could be seen as a GOOD thing, but it’s something we have to be able to learn to navigate well if we want to get healthy or remain healthy as the case may be.


Food As Entertainment

“The situation the Earth is in today has been created by unmindful production and unmindful consumption. We consume to forget our worries and our anxieties. Tranquilising ourselves with over-consumption is not the way.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Tricks for keeping hunger/real or not, in check:

I think first of all just BE AWARE that your senses will be bombarded every where you go, esp in citys and crowded areas. But also on TV and bookstores and rows of fast food places you pass on your way to work and elsewhere. Remember your GOALS, and know most of that stuff cannot help you with them!

  • Have healthy snacks before you go out on the town to the mall or shopping
  • Keep a ‘snack bag’ with you or in your car. I heard someone say if you are not hungry enough for an apple (or what ever your favorite fruit is) you are not REALLY hungry, it’s something else that is making you want to eat! Fruits/nuts/low to no sugar-bars/cut veggies/rice crackers
  • Find stores/restaurants in the places you frequent most that have good options if you really ARE hungry: produce stand, salads, nuts & dried fruit, asian restaurants often have good options (think steam veggies and brown rice, or dishes that are mostly veggies with a light sauce, sushi), pick up some already cut veggies and a tub of hummus, or keep a peeler in your bag and buy a cucumber, be creative!
Depending on your food/diet preferences, these articles may spark a few ideas for navigating food choices outside of the house, Enjoy!
Seven Tips to Eating Healthy While Traveling


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