Argue For Your Limitations… OR

Have you heard that saying? “Argue for your limitations and they are yours!”
Opportunity says:   “Hey, do you want to learn something new?”
You say:   “Oh no I can’t!”
Opportunity says:   “Oh… ok then, NEXT!”

I like the opposite too. Argue for your strengths, and people will have confidence in you, until you prove them wrong… or right!
Opportunity says:   “Hey, you want to learn something new?”
You say:   “Oh! Sounds like something I could do, let’s go!”

Now if someone offers you the chance to do something super dangerous without ANY training I am not encouraging us to be foolish… I’m talking about everyday opportunities to learn and experience new things!
“Zumba?? No I couldn’t I’ll look foolish!” as opposed to
“Zumba?? I might look goofy but sure! Lets go! It’ll be something new to try I’ll get out of the house and meet new people!”

A lesson for me and maybe you? Dive in and DO! It is unlikely you will be amazing at what ever it is on your first shot. Reevaluate and adjust and try try again and again and GET GOOD at it!

Talent may be something you are born with but by PRACTICING something you WILL become better and maybe even proficient!

My mother’s friend was in the chorus at her church. When their new musical director started, he gave all the members recorded practice tapes to learn their parts. One day I heard this friend talking to my mom; “you know I am so much better now that I practice!” Seems so simple right? But there are alot of us who figure if they aren’t good at something the first time they try it, that it must not be the right thing for us to do. Not true! Try try again!

I started doing some new core workout moves for strength. The first few times through I thought I’d die! Ok the first few WEEKS I thought I’d die, but now I CAN do the moves without grunting (much!) and my core feels stronger and my back hurts less. If I gave up the first few times I would not be as strong as I am now.

From the book 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman: “According to Gladwell, ten thousand hours of practice is the magic number to become the best at anything.
Which is why you’d better enjoy trying to achieve your goals. Because you’ll never spend ten thousand hours doing anything you don’t enjoy.” I don’t know if there is a MAGIC number for getting GOOD at something but the more you practice the better you become.

A quote from the show MAD MEN: “This is America! Pick a job, and become the person that does it!”  I love that! Pick a SOMETHING and become the person who gets good at it! I DO think some people are inherently better at some things than others but also that if we are not good at some thing we CAN become better with the amount of hours and effort we put into getting there.



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