Cheap & Easy Just Like Me! What???

Cheap? YES! Easy? Well… more like Efficient!

What’s working for me this week in exercise: Stairs, my old standby for cardio. What a discovery! Just find a stair case and you have a FREE work out! And EFFICIENT. Not much to really think about, just go up, then come down! Use just one floor or however many you want. My current workout at the Pulaski Bridge on the Queens side has 2 floors or four sets up and down. It ain’t glamorous or pretty (see pic) and I have pigeons as my audience but it works! My last hotel had 3 floors but less stairs (less pigeons too). Concentrate on pressing down with your heal and its great for the the glutes! Too easy? Try skipping a stair each floor or jogging up. Too bored? Try going up sideways (use good form, push with your butt through your heal, care for your knees!) Get great music to alternate tempos or some NPR programs like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me to listen to. And it’s INTERVAL training, one of THE best calorie burners there is!

What’s YOUR cheap and EASY workout? I mean EFFICIENT… :)

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