Why I LIKE The Raw Food Movement…

Why I LIKE the Raw Food Movement (re: Vegan & Vegetarian) even though I am not a FULL subscriber.
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When someone complained on a food blog how hard it must be to eat raw all the time… the answer was – “How hard is it to pick up a piece of fruit and eat it??” Ha! Well played! I guess we think we’ll get bored without cooked and processed foods, or better yet just really MISS them! Growing up on the SAD (Standard American Diet) and being from the NorthEast (it can get chilly up theyah… ) I think it would take some getting used to; the idea that we could subsist on eating JUST raw fruits veggies nuts seeds and sprouts and not having warm cooked foods. What no cookies?? Bread? Chili? The raw diet seems so… NATURAL (said with a sneer and/or amazement!)…

I find it inspiring to read Raw Vegan and Fruitarian Blogs and how to enjoy more fresh fruits and veggies in SO many different ways beside just whole and or peeled. There are raw  ‘breads’ and ‘crackers’ made in a dehydrator (if the foods are dried at temps below 115 degrees they apparently retain their nutrients and live enzymes), soups made of blended veggies (sometimes gently warmed), and many many combos of juices and salads and nut dishes desserts and pies that are all considered raw. It just takes some research and prep to get variety into the diet. Living here in LIC one stop from Manhattan – I have easy access to restaurants that offer a variety of Raw Vegan fair to try. My health concerns have always come from wanting to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy my foods with out that crazy feeling of never being satisfied. One of my food goals (though I am FAR from it!) is to eat mostly raw based foods with a sprinkling of everything else. I had a large salad last night with walnuts and spinach and avocados on it BUT I had some cheese on it. Live ratio to not was pretty darn high! My Breakfast this am was 1/2 cup of blueberries with and ounce of walnuts and 2T raisins and 1/3 C of Greek yogurt and some cinnamon. The ratio again was great but as you can see not all whole and raw or even vegetarian. Some days for breakfast I just have 2 apples and trail mix,delicious AND raw! I am not sure that I will ever be strictly designated as anything, but I WILL always strive for mostly whole foods with a special emphasis on vegetables; raw and cooked.

Mmm… Guacamole…

Yum… Raw doesn’t look that bad!

Healthy Raw-foodists: problems with raw dried fruit and more – Scroll down to the GET A LIFE part of this article, ha! : )

Why I LIKE the idea of not eating GRAINS (I DO eat grains but not nearly as much as used to) even though I don’t seem to have an allergy to them.
Mark Hyman, MD: Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat.
Energy Density is one reason, I just seem to be a person who doesn’t need all the extra energy (calories) they provide. Also, the way I feel after having eaten them. I feel compulsive when I eat crackers and cereals and bread things and rice. Yes I CAN control myself but it is so hard not to stick my whole face into a bag of crackers or a loaf of bread or a CAKE for heavens sake. Lots of non vegetable starch items make me feel compulsive (chips cookies pasta), I’d like to avoid that feeling for the most part.

Why I LIKE the idea of not eating DAIRY (Although I do include it in my diet, not as much as I used to and now only organic if possible) after all – it is milk from anothah mothah… really, it is not made for us… it’s just a little weird when you think about it. If we are going to have it at the very least we should try to go organic with it. Milk production in big industry has way too many antibiotics in it that were given to the cows to keep them healthy in a not so healthy environment.

Interesting right?

Why I LIKE the idea of being a VEGETARIAN (I am not one, but animal products are not a BIG part of my life) Just read some articles and everywhere there is evidence that the less animal products we eat the better. Read a little further and see how far our food processing has gone in industrial farming and how bad the practices are. In production quantity has WAY outweighed quality it seems… Did you read about the “Pink Slime”? Oh good lord… ew…
Pink Slime Found In 70% Of Supermarket Ground Beef In ABC Investigation (VIDEO). At the VERY least we need to make animal products a lesser part of our lives and if they remain in our diets to know where our food comes from and how its prepared.

Why I LIKE and read about Weston A Price Foundation but still remain a Plant Based Moderate:
They like Butter… So do I! But seriously… So do I! See previous about Dairy…


Why I LIKE to read about ALL the different followers of all the different FOOD MOVEMENTS: Most of them have some through lines.

  • NO to white sugar and NO to white flour.
  • NO to fake highly processed things.
  • YES to an abundance of organic produce – fruits and veggies –
  • YES to enjoying nuts and seeds and avocados and natural sweets in moderation.

What’s you thoughts?
I don’t believe that any one way of doing things is right for everyone, but for instance, low to no processed sugar would be best for all right? Lets Eat!

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