Quick! I only have 45 more years left!!!

I actually almost feel paralyzed with possibilities!! What? Betty White has turned 90 years old and I will be 45 this year… This hit me like a ton of bricks!! I am half her age. This means if I am lucky, I too could be on this earth for 45 more years!!! There is so much I really want to do. Do you remember the first time you went into a Costco? Have you ever gone to Macy’s in NYC to do a little shopping and realized there are 9 floors over a full block of the city and felt like a deer in the headlights of commerce? Or the Mall of America? They are HUGE! I remember and I found it OVERwhelming! How about looking at a map of the world and thinking about all the places you could visit? Wondering how many degrees you could acquire and careers you could have in one lifetime? Or all the things you can accomplish in the one career you love? How about thinking ‘what should I do today?’ and realizing the possibilities are so vast you sit on the coach with indecision? I fully admit to those feeling sometime if not MANY times! I could learn piano or guitar, I could study investing, climb a mountain, sew a quilt or learn how to install a zipper. I could volunteer any number of good organizations. Just Pick Something and GO. I want to use the time here and use it wisley. Where to to begin? How best to continue?  : )

Just Pick Something… and… GO!

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