Let’s FACE IT ~

MONDAY is the day to start anew right? Or maybe the first of the MONTH? The first of the NEW YEAR? First thing in the MORNING? TOMORROW??

I got on the scale this morning… oh dear… got off of it, moved it to a different spot on the floor – hoped I could get a better reading when I got back on – oh dear… and took off my watch…  socks… hair clip… oh boy… no change! Ugh!  Ok, well… I’m glad I got on (even though I feel a little pained by my extra pounds – and I could feel it, a little extra luggage in my trunk!) because I need to FACE the fact that I have gained a few pounds (5) over the Winter and get a handle on it. Not Monday or March first, I need to work on it NOW…

Here we go – In looking at patterns (I keep track of my food intake on the Body Media Websight on line diary even when I don’t wear the armband) I can see I am getting enough exercise in, I am just eating too much too often. We can’t out-exercise a bad diet! I love this example here (side note to their discussion though: I DO believe in CARDIO for help with weight loss and maintenance, it just can’t UNDO – OVER eating! :)

Pain and discomfort are wonderful motivators aren’t they?! Our clothes not fitting, our bank account empty, our health in the dumps… Pain and discomfort are often the final things to gets us to FACE a problem and DO SOMETHING about it. For food and fitness and finances – keeping a diary online or on paper every day can be a great tool. A clear picture will emerge of patterns and extra calories you might not notice taking in, like juices and soda and how they add up, a scoop of peanut butter here a handful of trail mix there, more salad dressing than we need – sneaky extras.  Same with finances, if you keep a diary every day for a week of everything you buy (including that cup of coffee and those trips to the vending machine) you will see where little things can add up.  A decent sized bran muffin can be up to 500 calories, you multiply that by 7 days a week that equals one pound gained (3500 calories equal a pound)! Skip the muffin and it’s one pound lost in a week! Maybe that bran muffin costs $3 a day five times a week, times 4 weeks a month, and thats $60 a month! Oy, worth it? That could pay for a gym membership!

WRITE IT DOWN – get on the scale (yes I am talking to myself here :) look at your credit card statements  (could this pertain to you?) have your blood work done (you know who you are!), lets FACE IT – and get to work  :)


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