Life On The Road!

Last weekend we had a GREAT show in¬†Shreveport, LA –¬†The Strand Theatre.

Bowling for NUNS and Charity!!!

We found out after, at our Meet & Greet, that the show was used to raise money for a charity in the city RUN By REAL NUNS to benefit abused children. They do other events to raise money too including RUN WITH THE NUNS. A motorcycle ride where the riders take the nuns on their bikes through town to raise awareness and money for their charity. Quite a photo op! We were so honored and pleased to be a part of such a good cause AND the audience was SUPER!!!

RUN WITH THE NUNS (the REAL Nuns are SO Cool!!!)

Besides being a great audience and treating us so nicely they also FED us after the show, authentic local food; crab legs and gumbo with garlic bread, red wine, shrimp and some other mushroom dish I never DID get the name of. They were wonderful hosts and we couldn’t have been better treated or better received by the audience!

Thank you for having us!

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