How Many Calories Are In Regret?

How many calories are in regret? Not many! So why bother! Confession time! When in Rome? Do you do as they do? What SIGNS do you see when you’re traveling and want to eat out?


I have been traveling across the country for about 6 weeks with my latest job. When I try to classify my eating (normally), I like to call myself a Plant Based Moderate. Trying to make plants (veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, beans and… WHOLE foods)  the biggest part of my daily intake. At times on this tour my Plant Based Moderate label (that I gave mySELF) has been more what I am STRIVING to do, than what I am actually DOING, I’ve been more MODERATE than PLANT based! Most days still start with trail mix and fruit of some sort, and MOST of the time a salad accompanies, or IS, my lunch and dinner.

Some restaurants make the lettuce SWIM in dressings, poor little lettuces… salads come out more SOUPY than SALADY! Lesson; order it on the SIDE and add as much as you’d like.

Here are a few of the things I have indulged in that are NOT on my USUAL list, I have tried:

*Home Made Fried Chicken (made by the lovely ladies of the Theater Guild in Newberry, South Carolina at the NEWBERRY OPERA HOUSE )

Newberry Opera House, SC

*Myrtis’ Bayou Gumbo and Fried Catfish (made by our waitress’s Daddy who she said was the head cook at HAL AND MAL’s in Jackson Mississippi!)

Hal & Mals Jackson MS

*Collard Greens (made with Bacon) and a Rib or two (I KNOW! Not like me at ALL!) at DREAMLAND BBQ in Tuscaloosa, AL

Dreamland BBQ Tusceloosa, AL

*BBQ Chicken Corn Bread & Butter (at THE BLACK HOG in Maryland, VA)

The Black Hog Maryland, VA


…this list, goes on a little longer than I care to admit! But admit I will! Because I am never perfect and always striving to be better than yesterday :)

I know that eating very little (to no?) animal products (esp avoiding highly processed meats like those with nitrates) is one of THE best things we can do for ourselves AND our environment. Yet, I let myself explore some Americana foodie adventures on this tour, and I’m happy that I did. I haven’t gained any weight which is nice! Soooo easy to do on a trip like this, and it ain’t over yet, yikes! I’ve had more meat/animal products on this tour than I’ve had in the last few YEARS, I have suffered no (noticeable) ill affects and plan on striving to be mostly plant based eater now, and in the future.

Despite the title of this post, I don’t regret ANY of these indulgences. I am excited that I let myself try some local fair at famous (and not famous) stops all over the country. This morning we were at HARRAH’S in Joliet and I skipped PAULA DEAN’S breakfast buffet even though I KNOW it must have been amazing! But last night we tried homemade pizza at MOM’s DINER in ARCHBOLD, OH – it was SOOOO good!!! – I just couldn’t JUSTIFY indulging again this morning. Checks and Balances!

Mom’s Diner Archbold, OH

When I eat out and I don’t WANT a salad or new food adventure, I have found the SIDES portion of the menus quite often can fill my food needs! BBQ joint? Beans and Coleslaw! Denny’s? Seasonal fruit (which was FRESH and not canned!) corn, spinach, broccoli and vegetable of the day! Sides are also my favorite part of Thanksgiving (which is coming right up!)! I usually skip turkey because I LOVE SIDES and want more room for THEM! IDEA: If all you can find for a meal is SUBWAY they will make a salad for you with spinach and lettuce and any toppings you want, easy fast and nice!

We all need to work with our circumstances and make the best choices we can, sometimes my best choices have involved a little leeway for adventure :)

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