Trying Something New, Before Work~

Last week I was feeling rather unaccomplished and unproductive, I have always heard ACTION was the best medicine, so here are a few things I did to start my days with a BANG! Or a least a little ping! more than usual :)

Feel some fear and do it anyway? Why yes thank you!

One day last week I rode my new bike into town over the 59th St Bridge and then CROSS town manhattan (eeek!) to work (where I was told I couldn’t bring my bike upstairs even though it was folded to the size of a small shipping box).

The ride from my house and across the bridge were wonderful, free of stress and a great workout. The ride CROSS town was FULL of stress; dodging traffic -pedestrians – opening car doors – pot holes and divots and… it was EXHILARATING! Yes I had my helmut on and yes it took me a few minutes to calm my heart back down to normal rates once I landed but, YAY me! What a great way to start the day!  And THEN at the end of my work day I visited a friend until about 6:45 when I noticed it was DARK outside, how quickly darkness fell! And me, on a bike needing to get home, YIKES! I got on to Google Maps and searched for the city bike lanes and took off with my heart already racing, trying to at LEAST get to the 59th Street bridge before the last vestiges of sun light left me dim and unnoticeable to all city traffic. I made it home in about 35 minutes and it was again, EXHILARATING! Yay!

adrenaline is cooky wonderful scary / fear (within reason) is a charge / new is good!!

Feel the fear and did it anyway, check! I will do it again soon too, just as long as I figure out where to park and lock up my BIKE! Paid too much for this little foldable bike (fits nicely in my studio apartment closet thank you very much!) to leave it out on the street with the possibility of being mangled.

Another NEW for me last week: fear of doing yoga… with other people… fear of yoga pants, on myself, and others… fear of someone noticing my ‘rear view’ in downward dog, as if through MY judgmental eyes… fear of overly dramatic yoga breathers… fear of teachers telling me to stretch as far forward as I can go and me having to say “I AM!” while sitting perfectly up right… Well? I went!

Took a beginners yoga class IN yoga pants AND did not die of over stretching OR embarrassment. :) The guy next to me was just as inelastic as me so I had SOME company when the rest of them took their foreheads to the floor between their outstretched  legs. It was a really nice class, with non judgmental dim lighting, and a great teacher at THE YOGA ROOM in LIC Queens. And as long as I have a little money, I will DEFINITELY do it again! Yay! Yes, I was one of those women walking around with a MAT on her back and a bright tank top on (and PAINTED toenails)!

One Two FREE workouts!!

My next JUST DO SOMEthing moment last week was not much of a NEW adventure but it WAS a success in that I didn’t just go home and sit in front of the TV after work. I walked home from work, cross town Manhattan and over the 59th Street Bridge into Long Island City. Where it took me 35-40 mins to bike that distance, it took me 1 hr and 40-45 mins to walk it. I’m so glad I did it! I wore my sneakers that day to work (since I am such a girly girl ;) so I didn’t hesitate when I got the idea to walk home that day, it was GREAT! Yay!

Now none of these things made me feel all of a sudden that I was more accomplished in my entire life and all my problems solved, but anytime we feel a bit crappola, ACTION is the best medicine, taking a new route to work, trying something new for exercise, taking a class, all these things can spark new ideas and give you forward motion, take you out of your head and lead you in new directions. Try something new! Sign up for a class! Move forward! And… ACTION!!!


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