“What’s Left In The Kitchen” Salads!

Welcome to the scorching HOT Big Apple! Hot weather can make us appreciate a light salad and watermelon and all sorts of Summery type foods we don’t even look at during cooler months. I LOVE salads, but I am a fan of MORE than just the leafy green variety… Ever have (what I am now calling) a Breakfast Salad? I WAS having smoothies for breakfast for a week or two, so cooling and full of life! But…

I started craving the whole chew-it instead of drink-it thing, and began making different FRUIT SALADS for breakfast, (Breakfast Salad!) with what ever happened to be around. They turner out SO well I thought I’d share (further down I will share LUNCH Salads)! But take a cue from this and mix and match YOUR favorites (or What’s Left in the Kitchen, experiment!) for new great combos!


1 C Blueberries
1/2 Banana Chopped
1-2 Tbps Some kind of Nuts/Seeds
( I have been taste testing Hemp Hearts from Costco so thats what I used!)


I’m calling these Summer Fruit Salads my NEW CEREALS!

This can be a Breakfast OR Dessert ‘Salad’!

And Shreds of Coconut 

NO Pic for this one but YUM!!

Chopped Apple
Chopped 1/2 Banana
1-2 Tbps Some kind of Nuts/Seeds

I loved the contrast of the Apple and Banana, the tart and the mello together. The raisins and seeds gave it some ‘meaty’ quality, I think almonds, walnuts and or chopped dates would have substituted wonderfully. But that’s what I had in the house and it turned out to be a nice way to start the day, light fresh water-full!


We’ll start off with some beautiful Traditional type salads:

Beautiful! Salad Art :)

Spring Mix
Baby Carrots Chopped
Vine Ripened Tomatoes 
and Newman’s Dressing

Adding Beans gives these Salads a little more staying power!

I just put these in because they are pretty…

I used fresh Spinach & added Black Beans to change it up!

Add Sprouts for vitality and Avocado for satisfaction!

Make your own Simple Vinaigrette and sprinkle on some toasted Sesame Seeds!

Standard ratio for Vinaigrette is
Oil 3: Vinaigrette 1 
you can adjust for tartness and taste but that works pretty well all around. I like to REALLY keep it simple with ingredients.
Oil, Vinegar, Mustard maybe a little Honey or Maple Syrup,
thats about it. I experiment with different kinds of vinegar like Apple Cider and oils like Sesame!

Summer Rolls from Thai or Sushi restaurants are what I like to call Hand Salads! Pick up your salad and eat it!

Like I said I enjoy many kinds of salads not just a few lonely pieces of iceburg on a plate, sad little vehicle for LOTS of dressing! With a variety of textures and flavors and sweet and salty ingredients they can really take off flavor wise, with or without dressing. What was left in my kitchen this week and what came out of it?


Diced Cucumber
Chopped Grape Tomatoes
Leftover Corn from off The Cob
Just add your favorite dressing, or not! Mine are Newman’s Balsamic, but sometimes instead I will dress a salad with

1T Mayo (Vegan or Real, your pref!) and 1 T Dijon Mustard, Yum!


I was nearing the end of my stay at a hotel and all that I had left in the Kitchen was as you see in this pic:

Grape Tomatos
Steamed Broccoli
I think I finished it off with some Honey Mustard Dressing, Yum!

Some other interesting DICED SALAD combos:

So Pretty, Royal Colors!

Purple Cabbage
Chopped Snow Peas

I call THIS one The TRAIL MIX SALAD (its not pretty but it’s pretty TASTY!):

Hot Spicey Cool and Sweet!

Diced Cucumbers
Grape Tomatoe
Spicey Cashews
left over from a Starbucks Trip (but you could add a small bag of nuts from the vending machine instead and it would be cheaper and equally good!). Salty mixed with the sweet raisins :)

Make some leftover steamed veggies exciting again:

 by adding a dollop of PESTO!

I like eating this cold or hot :)

Summery Bean or Broccoli Cauliflower Salad! Wonderful to keep in the fridge for a quick meal or snack all Summer!

What do YOU like? Some or ALL of these may not apeal to you but they are meant to inspire to create to experiment with the veggies you are going to buy OR what’s left in YOUR kitchen :) It is Summer and these are SOME of the dishes that make me happy during these hot months. What makes YOU happy?

Explore, Experiment, Educate yourself, get second opinions, Read, Wonder and then decide for yourself! Mwah!

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