What Does Your Equipment Do For You?

Nothing… Picture a bike with clothes on it drying…  treadmill with boxes piled up on the conveyer belt… your Thigh Master collecting dust under the bed… fitness DVDs filed away somewhere between a copy of Mrs. Doubtfire and National Lampoon’s Vacation…

When you buy a fitness product be it a Video, Treadmill or Nutrition Plan, that is only the beginning! It feels so good to have ordered it and received it in the mail and THEN, the WORK starts! The equipment, darn it… is just a tool.

I remember one day wearing my Body Media arm band to work with short sleeves on and having someone comment, “Oh, my friend bought that system and it didn’t do anything for her!” Now, maybe I was feeling sensitive that day in the midst of my constant quest for fitness, but it kind of set me off. “The band doesn’t DO anything for a person, it’s what that person DOES with the band (or what ever they decide to use in their journey towards health) that can make all the difference in the world! I MAKE this work!!” I don’t think I actually said all that out LOUD… and at that time I wasn’t feeling super confident about ANYthing so… maybe it set me off for many reasons including the fact that it was a natural Ectomorphic woman speaking to me about it!  What a volcanic hot head I can be inside my head! Ha!

What equipment CAN do on its own is excite us to work out by being shiny and new, novel, shaking up old routines, encouraging us to do more – use muscle we haven’t been using or didn’t know we had! But the bottom line is, WE have to do the work. Can you imagine paying for a Zumba class and standing at the back of the studio thinking, why isn’t this working for me? OH YEAH, I gotta DANCE! THE most important thing for US to do is make sure we do SOMEthing everyday. Walking counts. Yoga DVDs Dance Jogging Weights Stair Climbing Cardio Blah blah SOMEthing!

I like this example story below. This woman’s surgery was a TOOL but she STILL eventually had to figure out how to do the work… Surgery can be like a baby gate, blocking passage (of food), eventually a child can crawl over it, and eventually our systems can stretch to let more food pass through.

It gives a fighting chance to someone to get a lot of weight off quickly but there is still homework to do. For anyone with weight issues there’s always a need to be mindful, monitor and adjust wether you’ve gotten to a weight you are happy with or wether you are still on your journey to find it.

From the article in the huffington post : Darlene Cates, Mother In ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’, Loses 240 Pounds

… She even tried an early version of gastric bypass in 1981, (PEOPLE reported) which helped her lose 100 pounds at the time, until the weight slowly crept back on. (She later stressed that she doesn’t believe surgery is a quick fix. “That thing that made you fat in the first place? They don’t cut that out during surgery,” she told the magazine.)

I’m not downplaying the importance of Equipment – DVDs – Personal  Trainers and Surgeries, all these things can be lifesavers and inspiring and a jump start or new lifestyle booster! Hire a trainer, educate yourself with books/DVDs/equipment and more! Motivation and novelty can be worth paying for. I am merely reminding myself and anyone who’s listening, it’s up to us how we use our tools, or don’t. Paying for them is only the first step :)

So, the clean bras and panties I hung on my bike in the closet are all dry now… guess I’ll go dust off my helmet and go for a ride to Costco and get me some greens. Then I figure, I will actually have to EAT them, to get some benefit out of them :) Have a good week!


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