“Dr. It Hurts When I do This…”

Patient: “Dr. it hurts when I do this.” Dr: “Well then don’t do that!” An old joke…
If you could cure yourself with Food, wouldn’t you? It might not be possible but… wouldn’t you at least try?

You know those commercials where the guys are eating spareribs and the spareribs are smacking the guy in the face as he eats them? Its pretty funny looking! The commercial is saying if you don’t want to have heart burn, take these meds and you won’t get heartburn when you eat things like that. Or, you could NOT EAT those spare ribs! Or find a another recipe that doesn’t make you feel bad. Heartburn can be seriously uncomfortable, so I think its seriously worth looking closely at your diet to see what makes you feel bad and try everything you can to adjust your eating and timing of eating before you medicate yourself. I’m sure there are medical conditions where even diet and timing won’t help, but would you at least be willing to give it a try? No one is perfect but you can almost certainly make your situation better by paying close attention to when you get these symptoms and adjusting habits.

A celebrity example of this approach, trying to heal yourself through food choices, is now being tried by Venus Williams. Steak Lover Venus Williams Goes Vegan | ThePostGame. Time will only tell whether its working for her, but, if the answer to your discomfort was experimenting with your diet – even a radical change to your diet, wouldn’t you at least give it a try? How empowering would that be?

Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days. Have you heard of this movie? Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days | Watch Free Documentary Online – Preview. If you have diabetes and you heard you could cure it with your diet, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you at least try? There are people making radical changes to their diets and seeing radical results. I get very excited by these things! Just as I did when I first watched The Biggest loser! It can be light bulb like when it connects with you that WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE OURSELVES BETTER! The shows and movies that get made are dramatic examples, that’s what makes it show worthy i guess, but we can have wonderful improvements in our lives even with small changes. With Big changes come Big results.

Another example of an apparently well educated person (Dr. Terry Wahls) taking her health into her own hands and trying to cure herself with diet. Can You Cure MS by Eating Real Food? | Dietdoctor.com.  It looks like she did a very good job, and as one of the comments say below the post, only time will tell (I love to read the comments after a post like this as they almost always bring up another way to look at and consider the issues instead of just accepting everything as is. Its our job to weed and figure out what is right for us). If you got information like this and you had MS, wouldn’t you at least give it a try? Along with working with your Doctor of course? Now i don’t like super specifics like YOU WILL EAT THIS MANY CUPS A DAY OF… and not being a big fan of meat in general certainly wouldn’t eat organ meats. But getting past that, and the fact that her presentation is so low key and un-glossy,  there are ideas to take away from this and experiment with for better health. For another more Vegan approach to the same problem is a story from the Huffington Post Sandy Henson Corso: MS and 100 Pounds Fade Away Eating Mostly Raw, Vegan Diet. Just because of my dietary preferences I would more likely try to follow this type of diet.

I don’t think what you eat can cure everything (and you should always work with a trusted physician) but it sure can make a huge difference in your life, boosting your immunity and keeping your body better prepared to take on whatever the world may throw at it. If an adjustment to your diet could make you feel better, wouldn’t you at least try it?

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