What Aisle Did You Buy That Bike On?

I don’t have a new job until mid-August so I am now  ‘in-between-jobs’. Meaning; tight on cash and big on recovering from a somewhat ‘casual’ diet and exercise program for my last several weeks on the West Coast. Oh Fish Tacos how I love thee! Back on the East Coast after having spent 2.5 months in San Diego, happy to have been there AND happy to be home :)

Back to Costco I wanted to go, to pick up some ‘buckets’ of greens and whatever else I saw as good-for-you-goodies in bulk. Only problem? No car! Staying in the suburbs in SD we had use of a truck and filled it with watermelons and 6 packs of soy milk and a few jars of mixed nuts and and… Here? Not so much… Taking a taxi would negate any savings and the buses are too few and far in between on this route to suit my patience so… I took my boyfriend’s folding bike! Yuh, how much groceries can I bring home on it? We’ll see!

I posted recently about shopping at Costco and the question posed and answered was “Can you buy ‘healthy’ at Costco? Big Time!”. It IS possible as strange as it seems with SO many things to choose from and in BULK!! NOW the question is; “Can you buy ANYthing at Costco… if you don’t have a CAR??”

The reason I joined Costco in the first place was to be able to shop for some specialty items (dog food in BIG bags!) while being a Dog-Nanny in San Diego for a good friend. Since joining Costco, I’ve experimented with what is GOOD to buy (Organic Spring Mix in the BIG tubs for under $4!) and what is NOT so good to buy (LARGE share-with-the-whole-office sized jar of Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds!). Me and Costco? We’ve become friends. Just like a regular grocery store you will find some of your best buys in the outer isles. Stick with produce and low to no processed foods!

I took my backpack and the folding bike and went to Costco about 2 miles down the road. There was a lock on the bike, but I didn’t have a combination for it… so, I took it IN the store WITH me. Not taking any chances on getting his bike tooken!

Perfect fit! I got a couple of funny stares from people in the store but mostly the comment was “What aisle did you buy that bike on?”

Since it was just me, the bike, and a backpack, I couldn’t really pick up too many items. I didn’t NEED that much. It was perfect. I left my house and an hour later I was back with a few things MUCH cheaper than I could get elsewhere in my neighborhood. And if I think of something else I need, me and my lil backpack can zip on back, good exercise!

Coffee – Organics Spinach – Kiwis and Avocados. A celebration in green-ness!
So In answer to the question, Can you shop at Costco without a car? YES! You just may need to take SEVERAL trips and the bonus to that is extra cardio, wahooo! :)

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