My Very Own Fresh Air Summer Program!

I was watching a documentary about Garrison Keillor, and you know how things stick with you at certain times in your life when you NEED to hear them? I don’t have the quote, but in a nutshell he said that to be an interesting person you have to hang out with people other than those like yourself. People who do different things than you do, and have other jobs and interests. That also applies to just DOING new things too right? Ok, put that on my list! How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation. :)

A few months ago my guy’s (P.Q.K.’s) cousin, asked us if we wanted to spend the Summer in San Diego and help her out at her Kayak Shop Aqua-Adventures. Oh wait, did you hear that? Sounds like opportunity knocking! Come in! I was between jobs at the time (yup, unemployed!), the offer couldn’t have been more timely! Well we packed up took off and started our Summer in SD. Then P.Q.K. was offered a job back East for a month and he accepted. Uh…  what should I do? He proposed I stay in SD, keep helping with the shop until he was done his gig, and then he’d come back out to meet me. Stay? Without him? For a month? Working with new people I don’t really know? Working with Kayaks, that I know nothing about? In a city I am unfamiliar with? Living in his cousin’s home (who is a Kayaking (and all around) Rock Star! Jen Kleck) who I don’t know that well? When I could go home and… do the same things I always do? Yah… well…

Where’s that list? CHECK! I’ve been in SD about 6 weeks (3 w/P.K. and 3 without so far) and I’m calling it my very own version of the Fresh Air Summer Program! Big Kid from the Big Apple gets to go spend time near the Big Blue Ocean! SO MANY NEW EXPERIENCES and PEOPLE! Here’s just a few of my ‘NEWS’;

  • Water Sports (Kayaking and Paddle Boarding) where I saw Leopard Sharks,  Dolphins, Stingrays,  Seals and Sea Lions up close and personal!

My First Paddle Board Lesson!

  • I get to hike everyday in Tecolote Canyon where we’ve crossed paths so far with local wild life including; 4 coyotes, a rattle snake (not rattling), lots of wild bunnies and a few bright blue lizard things!

Tecolote Canyon!

  • I’m meeting new people who know so much about things I know NOTHING about (kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, boats, snakes, woodworking, wilderness survival, camping, first aid, up-cycling…). I don’t know if I am becoming more interesting because of this but I am truly INTERESTED in THEM!
  • I’ve been on several night kayaking tours and watched the Sea World Fireworks over Mission Bay. Fell INTO Mission Bay once (Doh!) when trying to help someone ELSE who fell out of THEIR kayak (and we BOTH got rescued by Jen Kleck!). Had my very first (much needed!) kayak lesson ever, with a world class kayaker (Jen Kleck!). How lucky am I??!!

Jen Kleck! Kayaking Rock Star!

  • Gone for a ride up and down the West Coast on the back of my guy’s motorcycle and over the bridge into Coronado where at the pinnacle we looked out and saw the eclipse through the sea layer right at sun set…


  • I’ve also become quite a good Pet-Nanny!

Jeanne: Dog-Nanny Doggy Day Care!

The burn from the motorcycle tail pipe on my leg, the splinters and bruises from moving boats at the dock (I can be a little clumsy…), my dunk into Mission Bay (yes, I said I can be a little clumsy…), the tic or two from hiking, and the rattlesnake I almost stepped on –
I truly see them ALL as little merit badges of NEW experiences and I am SO THANKFUL for them!
And there is still JULY for me to enjoy WITH PQK when he gets here! CHECK!


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