Can You Buy Healthy at COSTCO? BIG time!

Can You Buy Healthy at COSTCO? Oh yes… BIG time!
OH MY… The first time I went to Costco (not too long ago) and even the 2nd and third time I went, I was SO overWHELMED with how much STUFF was in there! Yikes a papa!


After a few visits I calmed down. I really started looking at things more strategically, and realized there are things that make sense for me to get all HUGE and TOWER like, and the things that DON’T make sense for me to buy in all that BIGness. Especially when living in a small apartment, one can plan ahead with bulk items only so much! A big YES for me? Toilet paper! What a GREAT thing never to run out of! A big NO for me? The bulk sized plastic container of chocolate covered almonds… or trail mix WITH chocolate pieces… Not THE best idea for me and my LITTLE kitchen and my BIG appetite for goodies :) Sure I can have them in the house now and then, but they are not on my every-trip list.


~ BIG ~


Here is a great blog article I read about Healthy Shopping at Costco from, oh yes! It CAN be done!!! :) Like the article says every region has different brands and prices vary, but there are deals to be had with a little investigation and planning.

This weeks trip I aquired:

Fresh whole pinneapples (chop it up and keep handy in container in the fridge or take to work for snack or freeze for smoothies)
Bananas (great grab and go snack or base for smoothies)
Avocados (sliced in salads or on a cracker with a little salt and pepper)


Beautiful Avocado!

Quinoa and Brown Rice Medleys (apparently those free tastes work…)

~ Quinoa and Brown Rice ~

Raw Mixed Nuts (on the go snack or meaty addition to veggies or salad)
Organic 24 pack of Eggs (make into egg salad or boil peel and eat or any many breakfast ideas and quiches)
Ready to Heat n Serve Salmon (so easy with a side of steamed veggies such a quick satisfying dinner)
Brussel Sprouts (good price on a good sized bag hmmm how about with salmon?)
Major Bag of Baby Carrots (always good to have a bag around to mindlessly munch on or dip into hummos for more of a meal)
Hummus (my favorite that they had was Cilantro and Avocado or Roasted Sweet Red Pepper)

Have fun at Costco but plan and don’t get over whelmed and over buy! There are wonderful things to get but don’t get EVERYTHING! Take a look around before loading up and think about what you can actually use. Just like in regular grocery stores take extra special interest in the fresh frozen (organic when you can) and unprocessed food items. We don’t need to FILL the cart every time we go there!  A couple of laps around the store can never hurt! :)


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