IN A SALAD? Brilliant Blue No. 1… REALLY???

Shopping at Costco I try to use the same rules as shopping in other stores, stick to the outer isles and then work your way in. Fresh foods and produce are usually on the outside isles, then I move to frozen section, see what’s happening there, and then to packaged items if I need anything (remember I am biking so I have to keep it minimal since I can only bring home what fits in my backpack!).

Puttering along in Costco I was happy to find a prepackaged seaweed salad (you may be thinking EW! But…), I had just tried one lately at Whole Foods that was so good! A strong sesame flavor and new texture for me and the health benefits of seaweed sound wonderful. Happy to find a possible alternative close by, I picked it up and looked at the ingredients to see… Brilliant Blue No 1 on the list… WHAT? I thought the color looked, a little uh… happier? than the one from Whole Foods.

It makes me SO sad to see something like that. An obvious lab additive to make it LOOK more appealing? Seaweed is NOT pretty!  It was SO hard to find a picture of the stuff for this post that even looked a LITTE nice! Ha! If you like this sort of thing, it tastes good even looking like it does, in its natural green state, not its Brilliant Blue-Green state because of added BLUENESS! It just screamed WRONG to me to have a salad with added blue to it… Sigh, I guess I will have to learn to make it myself! Recipe below :)

There I am done, a short note to note my unhappiness with Blue dye in a SALAD. Thank you! Peace out!

Seaweed Salad From


  1. I agree the Whole Foods salad is great. I hadn’t thought of making my own. Thanks for the idea. Saw you at the Cape Playhouse this summer. Enjoyed your performance very much. You reminded me of my 7th grade teacher Sister Domatila who was very nice and kept her cool despite having 65 kids in her class.

    • Kevin! Thanks for writing, glad you enjoyed our show, we had a WONDERFUL time in the cape :) 65 kids in class??? Whoa! Sounds like it could be a real circus! Anyway, thank you – your site looks great, have a great day – JEANNE

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